■ Bakeless Bake Sale


Our annual ‘Bake-less Bake Sale’ fund-raiser is here, and again we are asking you to NOT bake something for a worthy cause.

The idea is deliciously simple: Just donate ‘the cost’ that you would have spent on the ingredients for the baked goods, instead of actually baking anything. So put that apron and spatula down because this is the easiest bake sale that you will ever participate in!

We understand how busy our lives can be That’s why the Bake-less Bake Sale is such a scrumptious alternative to a traditional bake sale.

Proceeds from our Bake-less Bake Sale allow us to continue our mission of keeping the public informed and educated regarding abortion and other forms of assault on human dignity. Thanks to you, this annual fund-raiser has been a huge success over the years and your generosity is appreciated even more.

Look for our bake sale letter in your mail. And thank you so much for making this annual fund-raiser such a ‘sweet success!’

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