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Here are simple yet effective things anyone can do (and many don’t cost a thing).

PRAY!Never underestimate the power of prayer. If you can do nothing else, just pray to end abortion in our nation and throughout the world. And pray that the sanctity of all human life be respected by lawmakers.

VOLUNTEERMany Pro-Life organizations rely heavily on volunteers. Consider helping out at PHL-BCC, a local Crisis Pregnancy Center, Right To Life, or similar organization. Remember that we are a ‘donor-sponsored, volunteer-based organization’ that benefits as much from financial support as personal involvement. If you would like to help out with PHL-BCC events such as the Respect life Memorial Service or Life Chain, or interested in attending a meeting, please call us at 724-728-3235. Click here for more…

DONATEMany Pro-Life organizations also rely on private financial support in order to provide valuable services & education. Please be as generous as you can to those who represent the Pro-Life community.

Wear ‘PRECIOUS FEET’ JewelryMake a statement by wearing a pin the shape and size of an preborn baby’s feet at 10 weeks old. Ask about the pin at our events [as well as address labels, envelope stickers and bumper stickers mentioned below]. These little feet are the symbol of the movement to protect the preborn.

Use PRO-LIFE ADDRESS LABELS & ENVELOPE STICKERSMillions of pieces of mail pass through many hands every day! Send a message with every correspondence by using Pro-Life themed mailing items.

Use PRO-LIFE BUMPER STICKERSHere’s a chance to spread the Life message in a ‘moving’ way, while stuck in traffic or at a light. You can find these at any of our events, and many different designs are free to the public.

BE INFORMED & SPEAK OUTWe interact with many people every day and it is important that we defend Life when the topic arises, while doing so in a respectful and courteous manor. Many people are ‘pro-choice’ because they have not thought the issue through, are misled by pro-abortion zealots and the media, and deprived of the truth and reality of abortion.

VOTE PRO-LIFEOne of the most important actions we can take is to support Pro-Life candidates! Please make sure that you are registered and take your right and responsibility to vote very seriously.

Be sure to check with pro-life family, friends and neighbors to see if they are registered. (NOTE: You can get Voter Registration Applications from your county courthouse, public library or local post office, and your state representative’s district office staff can also provide them. If you cannot find them locally, call the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation state headquarters in Harrisburg at (717) 541-0034 with the number of forms you need and they will be rushed to you by mail.) Also consider conducting a voter registration drive at your church. Ask your pastor if you can distribute Voter Registration Applications after services. (Nonpartisan voter registration drives are permitted in churches as long as you do not solicit votes for specific candidates and are providing information to churchgoers on the positions taken by candidates.)

Because of the 2000 census many communities are now in a different Congressional, State House and or State Senatorial district. PCUC has helpful district information HERE

Carry & Circulate PRO-LIFE LITERATUREExposure the truth about abortion by distributing informative materials. You can find such resources at our events, or by contacting us or other Pro-Life organization.

Use PRO-LIFE CHRISTMAS CARDSA great way to spread the message of Life during this blessed time of celebration of Christ’s birth. Check out the selection at www.life-expressions.org.

CONTACT YOUR LOCAL PAPER and ELECTED OFFICIALSMake your voice heard by responding to pro-abortion editorials in your local newspaper, and by contacting our leaders both local and in Washington. The Capital Hill Switchboard toll-free number is 877-851-6437. Look for your local newspaper on the internet, where you can find resources to submit your comments and respond to others.

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