★ JAN 2016 – Looking Ahead By Looking Back


Dear Pro-life Friends, wishing you a belated ‘Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!’

2015 was a year of many victories, and particularly in Pennsylvania! According to the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, “…2015 may be remembered as one of the pivotal years in the decades-long campaign to protect innocent human life.”

Outrage over undercover videos (released by the Center for Medical Progress) that showed Planned Parenthood high-ranking officials callously discussing the harvesting of the body parts of babies while eating and sipping wine, sparked Congressional investigations, along with a renewed effort to strip the nation’s largest abortion provider of taxpayer funding.

Abortions in Pennsylvania are now at an all-time low. Protective laws-including a 24-hour waiting period, informed consent, parental consent, tougher abortion facility inspections and no taxpayer funding of abortion under Obamacare-have played a major role in reducing abortion. The proliferation of pro-life pregnancy help centers, along with the closure of at least five abortion facilities, have contributed to less abortions. And lawmakers introduced a measure that would re-direct women’s health funds away from abortion facilities and toward entities that are focused on women’s ‘real health needs.’

2015 saw an increase in our pro-life majority in the Pennsylvania Senate. The current class of state lawmakers may be the most committed the Commonwealth has ever seen in terms of their determination to safeguard the sanctity of innocent human life. And the Federation town hall tour, in which staff members circle the state sharing up-to-the-minute pro-life information, proved more popular than ever: A clear indication that Pennsylvanians are ready to rebuild a culture of life in their local communities.

While our task ahead remains a difficult one, these achievements lay a solid foundation to build upon and prove that our efforts do make a change for Life. We will not give up until every single innocent human life is cherished and protected under the law. Let’s keep the momentum rolling forward in 2016!

Closer to home, 2015 was a slow year for us. The biggest challenge we currently face is membership, and volunteer help. Due to relocation, declining health, old age and/or physical limitations, our group is comprised of only three members (compared to about 10 when I first joined PHL).

We are in need of volunteers in order to be more fully engaged with the community. Some public events require additional hands. Anyone that would like to volunteer a couple hours a month of their time can contact us by email at mail@phlbeavercounty.com or 724-728-3235. We also have meetings scheduled on the first Wednesday of each month, beginning at 7 p.m. at the Beaver Courthouse. Click HERE for dates. Anyone is welcome to attend.

I have been fortunate throughout the years to be able to do what needs to be done. Early in 2015 I began experiencing random inflammation in my lower extremities, followed by reoccurring widespread arthritis-like symptoms that most severely affected my right knee and lower back. As the year progressed my condition worsened, becoming nearly intolerable in November. The tremendous mental burden was only exacerbated by the (lab) tests that contradicted my condition. In December I learned that these symptoms were the result of a bacterial infection from a tic bite (summer 2014). Better later than never, I guess.

I was uncertain as to who I could call on to carry out the memorial service in my absence, something I was really concerned about as the time for preparation approached. Fortunately we are able to host the event as treatment is going well, and I long to jump back into my (former) high-energy lifestyle. 

We are looking toward increasing our community presence in 2016 by re-instituting events like our Pro-life Picnic, and volunteer help will allow us to do so. We are so very grateful for the financial generosity of our Pro-Life friends throughout the years. And while this resource allows us to continue our mission, we also need ‘human resources’ as well. If you have the time, please let us know. A little help goes a long way ;-)

Wishing all of our friends a very happy and healthy 2016!



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