DEC 2012 – Brother, where art thou?


Edmund Burke, author, political theorist and philosopher (most remembered for his support of the cause of the American Revolutionaries and opposition to the French Revolution) was quoted as saying: “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.” And during the Nazi occupation of Germany, a poem by Martin Niemöller concluded with: “When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out.”

Images from places like Auschwitz proved beyond a doubt the existence of evil. Between 10-11 million people in totality were exterminated for ideological reasons. Not mankind’s finest hour. Such a flagrant and brazen disregard of the dignity of the human person is a now thing of the past.

Flash forward 80+ years… Given that since 1973 some 55 MILLION preborn ‘persons’ have been intentionally killed for ideological reasons, could abortion qualify as a ‘modern day holocaust?’ Body count alone dwarfs other human atrocities! Despite a similar lack of respect for the dignity of the human person and yet unlike reactions to what took place in 1930’s Germany, abortion has a nearly 50/50 approval rating with the American public.

There are scholars who believe Hitler’s genocidal aspirations were influenced by Margret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, and her ‘pioneering’ ideas on eugenics. Praised for the services they provide (but not mammograms), Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest tax-payer-funded provider of abortions. Hitler could only dream to have achieved the legacy of death as did the ‘First Lady of Choice.’

But this is America. How could such large scale destruction of humans escape public ire?

Maybe because other similarities are absent; like a secret police, forced compliance and military death squads. People are not forced to have abortions; they’re typically ‘counseled’ into them. Perhaps because the deadly assault on the child is called a ‘medical procedure.’ There are no mass graves of bodies; just bags and trashcans of ‘medical waste.’ 

Perhaps the public’s idea of abortion is out of touch with reality. With virtually no media coverage the only damning evidence seems to be the (abortion) photos that occasionally surface, which are no less disturbing than the Holocaust images. Yet every 29 seconds a preborn child is killed while we go about our busy lives. While the methodology varied the intent is the same: the destruction of the human person.

No single incident or event has resulted in a greater loss of life, nor poses a greater ‘ongoing threat’ against the human person than abortion. PERIOD. Approximately 8,552 people were killed by handguns in 2011; over 1 million were killed by abortion. Yet handgun ownership gets far more scrutiny. Does this mean that using guns to kill human fetuses would make abortion more reprehensible?

Nothing has surpassed the totality of abortion, even if you combined every war since the beginning of recorded time. It’s also important to note that states are not federally required to report abortions to the CDC; it’s voluntary. California, for example, does not submit abortion data so it’s very possible that the death toll is grossly underestimated. Even so, would a bigger number change the public’s mind if 50 million doesn’t? Don’t forget the collateral loss, like women who have died from the procedure or committed suicide afterward.

Maybe half of the public are confused about what abortion is, or what happens when you have one…

Well, abortion is the act of ‘terminating an ongoing pregnancy.’ And how do you ‘terminate’ a pregnancy? By using the various surgical or chemical means designed to kill the developing fetus. Sometimes they actually survive the procedure only to be denied life-sustaining care (now a criminal act, thanks to President G. W. Bush). In the simplest  terms; a pregnant woman goes in with baby and only the mother comes out.

Or just maybe we’ve been systematically conditioned to accept death as a solution to life’s problems. You can feel a growing disregard for the sanctity of human life all around us, evidenced in the recent shootings that defy reason or rationale that seems to fit a philosophy that perhaps the living are actually better off dead.

Are we merely reaping what we sow? John Paul VI cautioned that contraception was an ‘intrinsic evil’ that would lead to abortion, in his response to the so-called ‘sexual revolution’ of the sixties. The ‘if it feels good do it’ culture of ‘self-expression’ wasn’t interested then, or now. Maybe we’re paying the price for this flagrant disdain for the transmission of human life at it’s very beginning, and the burdensome care of children that inconveniently follows. Welcome to the Woodstock generation, alive and kicking.

Abortion has dire consequences because a person dies in the processand sometimes two. The most common response, “While I don’t personally condone it , I won’t tell others what to do or impose my beliefs on them,” suggests a lack of urgency. While it seems acceptable on the surface, the rationale is deeply flawed in this context because abortion involves the willful destruction of human life. A more accurately expression would be: “While I wouldn’t arbitrarily kill someone, I won’t tell others what to do nor impose my beliefs on them.”  That would be an outrageous statement, yet in essence this is the underlying message—unintentional or otherwise.

It’s a strange time that we live in when people will admit that something is wrong, but not wholly condemn it.

When I became involved with the pro-life movement I was sure of one thing: Support from people of faith. Such individuals are a public majority and addressing them would be like preaching to the choir. Just recently we received a request to be removed from our mailing list. The message explained that “the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America does not take a stand against legalized abortion, and believes that abortion is a matter to be decided between a woman and God, in consultation with her doctor.”

In consultation with her doctor..? Wait a minute—that’s the same argument the abortion lobby uses! Furthermore, what if her doctor is pro-abortion..? Maybe this is why you should get a second opinion.

The ELCA is one of seven Christian-based denominations in the U.S. that accept abortion; some with exceptions only and some not at all. That’s a startling revelation, and the last place I would expect this position. What ever happened to “Thou shall not kill..?” And considering that the faithful are a majority, why did the popular vote which included Christians of all backgrounds and beliefs, favor a rabidly pro-abortion administration? So much for being our ‘brother’s keeper.’

Human rights groups in general seem strangely silent as over a million children per year are intentionally destroyed in the U.S. alone; not because they are starving or destitute, because they are simply unwanted. I can’t think of a greater human rights cause! Such injustices should be confronted no matter where they occur, whether abroad or right under our noses, and no matter what form they take.

Abortion persists because half of the public doesn’t see it as a human injustice. I really can’t blame everyone because the abortion lobby is masterful at distorting truth, and thrives on us being far too distracted to reason this through. Honestly, I’m less concerned by those who condone abortion because they have not responsibly discerned it, than those who fully understand and remain supportive.

Abortion is the greatest threat to humans the world has ever known, yet it’s the least discerned and reported on human atrocity. Abortion is also the wellspring from which other evils flow such as ‘doctor assisted suicide,’ another crowning cultural achievement! We’re now destroying life on the way into this world, and on the way out. A human fetus, incapacitated or elderly..? Someone is ready to put you out of your misery. How’s that for progress?

If we simply do nothing a Culture of Death will continue defining abortion as ‘choice’ and doctor assisted suicide as ‘death with dignity’. For those still in doubt regarding the true nature of abortion, search the internet for abortion photos. If you think the Nazis corned the market on barbarism, remember that we allowed partial birth abortion not long ago in America, an abhorrent late-term procedure. Bottom line is that while they had Mengele and Eichmann, we have Tiller and Gosnell. And I’ll bet we have not seen the last of such horrors.

Did I just compare abortion doctors and ‘reproductive rights’ to the horrors of Nazi Germany? I’ll go a step further because what some call ‘choice’ can also be labeled as infanticide, ‘the act of killing an infant; the practice of killing newborn infants; a person who kills an infant.’ If the shoe fits… Although similar to homicide in gravity—infanticide is legal and acceptable. Would half of the public be so apathetic if homicide were legal?

We can’t afford to sit idle while the abortion lobby toils relentlessly to dupe women and the public into believing that destroying our offspring is a good and beneficial thing. Even though abortions are in slow but steady decline, 40% of pregnancies in New York City end in abortion (read article). Adding further salt to the wound, Obama’s HHS mandate forces taxpayers to pay for the abortion-pill regardless of their faith. That alone should have us fired up!

There is no middle ground or shades of gray when human life is being destroyed. If we remain uninspired, impartial and dispassionate, millions more children will die. This is America! We can fix our economy AND protect the basic right to life. We can respect the dignity of person in the womb AND grow the job market. Doctors CAN save both mother and baby. We should not humbly request it, we should demand it!

Someday we will look back in tragic regret. For now these countless aborted children seem gone and forgotten. That’s why our annual Respect Life Memorial Service was established as a reminder of those lost to abortion. It is crucial that we put a face with the numbers in order to recognize the unwanted and aborted as a person, and someone’s son, daughter or grandchild.

History has a way of repeating itself for a reason. Four decades of legalized abortion has clearly illustrated what happens when good people simply do nothing. And if we don’t confront evil where and when it exists, sooner or later it will end up on our doorstep.

Things are heating up, folks! Catholic Bishops are suing the Federal Government over the HHS mandate because it is a clear violation the First Amendment and the conscience rights of millions of Americans. Abortion is losing ground and this is a desperate attempt to reinvigorate it by further imposing the Culture of Death on society.  It isn’t someone else’s problem or a cause for members only of Pro-Life organizations; abortion is a scourge on our nation.

This is not the time to not sit this one out. We have Truth on our side, and we have the ball. What’s it gonna be..?



One Thought on “DEC 2012 – Brother, where art thou?

  1. TINA-MARIE! on April 6, 2013 at 7:52 pm said:

    Bravo! Thank you for sharing this to the world. Amen, to the truth!
    EVIL DOES FLOURISH WHEN GOOD MEN DO NOTHING! Encourage all of us, Americans, to actin! Are we really of clear conscience even if we can say we haven’t personally had an abortion? We all purchase things and pay taxes on a daily basis. Or even by our silence or indifference. Abortion is federally funded and we all take part. By one way or another, all our hands are soiled with the guilt of the bloodshed of the innocent babies extinguished to the tune of the modestly estimated 55 million. One day, our children’s children, I beg to hope, will be shaking their heads in disbelief of “how could we been so deceived and went about our merry day, while babies were killed in abortion every minute and in cowardice we bowed to popular opinion and chose to do nothing? Now we have those 3D ultrasounds of the baby in the first few months of pregnancy with the technology these day and ah whoops!, it looks like it is a baby after all! Being a woman, I resent the lies of calling it a women’s right or a woman’s health issue, I’m not ignorant and unaware of the truth. The fact is that there are 2 lives present, and I shouldn’t have the right to kill the baby because it is “unwanted.” These lies don’t help us women. Infect, abortion has many well known consequences harmful for us both emotionally and physically. Our dignity, also not to forgot to mention. Pray, shout it out to the mountain tops, this isn’t only for Catholics, Christians, but to anyone who has a brain. Even atheists who believe killing is morally wrong, this is for you as well. Wake up, Americans, stop this killing of babies. We are supposed to be better than this! Do something! Evil flourishes when good men do nothing!

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