JAN 2013 – Sharing The Holiday Spirit; It’s Never Too Late


Once again a new year was ushered in by the traditional dropping of the Times Square Ball. Frankly, I never cared much for the symbolism of ringing in a brand new year with a ‘dropping ball’ because ‘dropping the ball’ is never really a good thing—at least in the most common context.

I just wish the ball would ascend, not descend. But that’s just personal.

2012 is little more than a blur of rapidly passing events thanks to the relentless election cycle, fiscal calamities, employment woes and the burdensome debt our country faces. Hurricane Sandy hammered the eastern seaboard leaving many in the cold, their homes and personal belongings still in shambles. Then there were the senseless, tragic shootings that left so many in mourning as the Holidays approached, something we know too well (my wife’s half-sister died in a car crash in 2002, just days before Christmas).

Another rapidly passing event was the holiday season. I was recently lamenting how too quickly the time had passed, although the beginning of my wife’s Christmas vacation seems like just yesterday. I really got into the classic holiday songs which reminded me so much of Christmases of long ago when I was a child. Christmastime, as I remember it was about ‘family’ and growing up we celebrated annual traditions that left an indelible mark on my upbringing.

Christmas is naturally very different as a child! School was out (!), there were those beloved cartoon classics that couldn’t be missed and you didn’t dread going back to the daily grind. It’s a wonderful gift to experience even a little of that childlike excitement in between the flashes of anxiety over things yet to be done.

I have always loved the bright colors and festive visuals that December brings. And this year we were graced with a generous blanket of white, an added bonus that for me really feels like Christmas is here. We have several decorated trees and I’ll leave them up for a couple more weeks because I’m in no big hurry to put Christmas behind me. Matter-of-fact, I miss it already and still listen to holiday music from time to time.

Christmastime is supposed to be about joy and peace, family, friends, food and fun, and goodwill to all—which I would love to see extended well into the New Year. Yet for some the holidays are over come New Years Day, when all traces are eradicated and abandoned pines litter roadsides awaiting their final destiny. Lights went up rather early and I’m hoping they will stick around long enough for us to do more sightseeing.

Shamefully in this time of ‘goodwill’ I did harbor some ‘not-so-goodwill.’ Christmas signals the beginning of much preparation for our annual Respect Life Memorial Service, which reminds me of how frustrating it is that 40 years after Roe V. Wade we’re still toiling relentlessly to convince a seemingly uninterested public that killing one’s offspring is not a ‘right’ or a ‘personal choice;’ something that should be painfully obvious!

At this time of the year it’s so easy to forget that abortion doesn’t take a vacation, and while we make merry and bright 3,500 children are killed each day. That’s a sad reality even the ‘hap-happiest season of all’ cannot put on hold for those involved with protecting innocent pre-born children.

Then again, maybe I’m being hardhearted and bitter; and for that I apologize. So, in the spirit of the ‘season of giving,’ putting differences aside, I wrote a little something special for those who participate in, promote or profit from abortion—I mean ‘choice’ (there I go again…). It’s the least I can do. Sing to Jingle Bells:

Jingle bells, abortion sells
because it is a choice.
Planned Parenthood thrives
while millions die,
because they have no voice.



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