MAR 2012 – The Unfortunate Reality of Perception


If you watched ‘Seinfeld’ you may remember a character named ‘Poppie.’ In one episode commotion breaks out at Poppie’s restaurant because of Jerry and Elaine’s discussion on abortion. Poppie, when asked where he stands, tells an impassioned story of how his pregnant mother was forced (in her native land) to have an abortion, finally declaring that “…on this subject there can be no debate, and no intelligent person can think differently.” That didn’t sit well with Elaine and things got vocal. Patrons overhearing them began either siding with Poppie or walking out. Although fictitious the scenario seems all too real since we as a nation are also taking sides over the issue of abortion.

Recently I have learned some very interesting things I never really knew about contraception. For instance:

-women have a ‘right’ to the ‘access’ of ‘FREE contraception’
-contraception is an essential part of ‘core preventative health services’ for women
-contraception prevents cancer
-without contraception we would have very few professional career women in the workforce
-rejecting the HHS mandate would ‘force’ female employees (of Catholic institutions) to choose
between their job and ‘free contraception’

-98% of women use contraception (or maybe it was 99%…)
-couples have a right to plan their family and access to contraception is an essential part of that decision
-and the most recent enlightenment, paying for contraception can financially burden the students of
..higher learning institutions

Basically, without free contraception society would collapse, commerce would come to a grinding halt, unwanted pregnancies would soar in number and we would plunge (back) into the dark ages. We might still be wearing animal skins and worshiping fire had it not been for this invention of modern man. It’s like the lug nuts on the wheel of a high-speed automobile that without would spell sure disaster. Get the picture?

Okay, I’m being sarcastic but that’s the impression I get when listening to supporters rail about the indispensable necessity of contraception. This is the perception that they are trying to instill and it will without doubt influence some listeners. But most importantly, notice how the argument is ultimately framed as a ‘rights’ and ‘health’ issue – just like abortion – which is also a ‘right’ and a part of ‘women’s health services.’ Or so we’re told.

It’s deja vu, the feeling that I have heard this all too may times before. It’s a different product but the same packaging; a controversial issue disguised as a health and human rights issue. It’s silly. I know it, you know it and to some degree I’m sure they know it. However, what they also know is the historical effectiveness of this argument. And that is what concerns me…

The idea that anyone has a right to dispose of humans is simply preposterous, right? So, someone please explain in a rational manner why almost half of the public has a casual or favorable attitude regarding the barbaric practice of abortion? I’m not convinced that we have evolved into a similar culture where coliseums showcase brutality and carnage for public entertainment. Yet the brutality and carnage of abortion is not theoretical; it’s very real and documented in those disturbing photos – a reality perhaps too absent from the debate for too long. I call them ‘game-changers’ while some call them inappropriate and offensive. I can’t speak for others but an aborted baby in a waste receptacle offends me.

I can’t personally find anyone okay with China’s militant policy on population control via forced abortion. Yet we are still split on the issue here at home, with far too many simply ‘on the fence’ about it.

Are you familiar with the saying ‘perception is reality,’ in what someone perceives to be real ‘is real’ to them? Maybe that’s why almost half of the public has an idea of abortion that makes it acceptable. And maybe such missperceptions are the reason for the (tragic) disconnect between ‘abortion’ and the ‘death of a viable human fetus.’ Perhaps clever arguments have distorted the perception of abortion so that the word itself has lost its meaning and has little impact, making reactions like callous indifference and even disregard all too commonplace. It’s as if abortion is no longer relevant in the context of social concerns. And maybe, just maybe this could explain the lack of energetic, unified and sustained public outcry because after all, it’s just a procedure. Here’s the unfortunate reality: over 54,000,000 innocent lives destroyed as a result of ‘just a procedure.’

How else on earth could you sell the public on the necessity of abortion? I mean, was there really ever a time when a human had the right to kill another innocent human? Yet here we are 40 years later.

That’s why it is absolutely imperative that we seize opportunities to talk to people about abortion and kindly, yet boldly, challenge such ill-conceived notions of so-called ‘human rights,’ ‘mercy killings and death with dignity (a.k.a. Doctor Prescribed Suicide).’ If we can just keep the focus on the pre-born child and their impending destruction instead of rights, health, prevention and others things, the ugly reality of abortion will expose itself. I’m just not convinced that enough people have thought this through and reached their own conclusions without the influence of false ideas and propaganda. Abortion is far too inherently sinister to be regarded as something benign, and we have to undo the damage the abortion lobby has done to the the public’s perception. Just remember Sgt. Joe Friday’s mantra, something we need in the abortion debate: ‘Just the facts.’

Personally, I saw the HHS mandate as a litmus test of where we are and what we are willing to accept – perhaps a calculated estimation that we were ready for such a bold directive. The effect was similar to kicking a hornet’s nest. Christian communities rallied in common cause and the uproar got a bit loud, so I’m not really surprised that the Administration has shifted gears… For now. I doubt we have heard the last of this.

I see the ongoing opposition as a good sign that we are not ready to surrender or succumb to such forced intrusions. We are making a difference in the war to protect pre-born children, even if one battle at a time. Planned Parenthood is experiencing hard times despite the millions in federal subsidies they receive. Abortion numbers are down in general (and it has nothing to do with contraception). Another blow to abortion, House Bill 1077, the ‘Women’s Right To Know’ will be up for vote soon so please contact your state representative and urge them to support the Bill (for a list of state representatives click here). Let’s get behind this important legislation and strike another blow for truth and justice!

However, do not take your eye off of the ball! What started out as a disastrous political move (because of the mandate) is now being spun into what hardcore defenders are calling “a war on women” in order to turn this negative into a ‘plus.’ The focus is shifting – just like with abortion – in order to create yet another false perception.

Finally, 85 year old Carl Djerassi, the Austrian chemist who helped invent the contraceptive pill has publicly expressed regret that his co-creation has led to a “demographic catastrophe.” How would you like to have that kind of regret at that time in life? I know that we will not regret the decision to stand up and oppose that which seeks to destroy innocent life, no matter what the cost.



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