NOV 2013 – Evil By Design


Some things are just plain evil.

I was looking over a collection of abortion instruments that included a description of what each item did. Words that immediately came to mind were ‘sinister, diabolical, bizarre, perverse, fiendish,’ and of course ‘evil.’ Many look liked a torture device and downright medieval, not only because of design but the disgusting and barbaric function they perform. Something the Nazis might have devised. A few are rather innocuous in appearance but don’t let that fool you. 

It wasn’t long before I was overcome by a disturbing feeling from the realization that theses things were intended solely for use on a human being… A helpless, innocent human being. A preborn child.

See for your self. Check out the ‘ABORTION TOOLS ARCHIVE’ here:

Whether demonic or benign in appearance, they were all meant to aid and assist in the destruction of a viable human fetus which in many cases would be considered late-term. I shudder to imagine witnessing either of them in use and the unimaginably gruesome outcome. But then again, I’m not an abortionist.

Adding to the macabre spectacle was the underlying potential of serious (or fatal) trauma to the mother from one miscalculation or mishap. I’m no physician, but it’s probably extremely risky to be poking in or around the womb with jagged or sharp instruments while trying to kill something that may not remain motionless. It would be like the game Operation only with each sounding buzzer a life-threatening blunder. Do we officially know how many blunders there were? We don’t even really know today.

I doubt that you could find similar instruments at animal clinics. Imagine the outcry from the ASPCA, PETA and the likes, not to mention the public, would such devices exist for anything other than the most dire of circumstances. How many medical offices have such instruments on-hand to provide on-demand abortion for just about any reason? Heck, you really don’t need any reason because it’s a ‘personal choice.’

I’ll wager that humans are the only species that can be plucked from the womb and casually discarded, all nice and legal-like with only minimal limitations and outrage. Sounds quite insane and even diabolical, but it is law.

While many of these devices are long retired, they’re undeniably part of a legacy that is abortion. It’s really a logical conclusion if you understand what abortion really is, apart from the nonsensical rhetoric of pro-abortion zealots and their minions, and the tools necessary to facilitate it. Name any other other industry that has devised such diabolical things for the sole purpose of the destruction of helpless, innocent humans. Anyone..?

We may no longer use many of these contraptions we do still burn fetuses alive with concentrated saline, cut them to pieces with ‘modern’ instruments, and tear them apart with tools and suction. Is that really any less ‘medieval?’ And partial birth abortion, the most barbaric procedures of all, was permitted by law under the Clinton Administration.

Also bear in mind that scientific evidence shows that a fetus can begin to feel pain as early as 10 weeks. This isn’t fiction or some fabricated pro-life propaganda, it’s biology. Think about it.

When it’s a human person we’re talking about, is there ever more acceptable way of intentionally extinguishing their life?

“Pish-tosh,” decry the naysayers! “This is really about the right for women to make personal decisions.”

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. The methods can vary all they want yet the outcome is equally as cruel AND unjust. Abortion by any other label is still ‘the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy.’ That should be self-evident in ‘evolved’ society.

Yet here we are with over 56 million dead, still trying to reverse a tragic 40 year old court decisionStill marching in January on our nation’s capital in protest… Still fighting to keep tax dollars from Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest provider of abortion… Still fighting legislative mandates that forces insurance providers to include abortion and abortifacients as part of ‘comprehensive reproductive care.’ And still seeking out the Kermit Gosnells of the world who commit horrific atrocities in the name of ‘choice.’

In a sane world we would have beat such instruments of evil into bottle openers and tweezers long ago, vowing never to create such things again. But in this age of ‘personal choices’ that utilize procedures like Dilation and Curettage (D&C), were supposed to believe that it’s a ‘war on women’ that we’re guilty of inciting.

There’s a war alright, and you just looked at some weapons of mass destruction.



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