OCT 2012 – Why Won’t You Trust Me


Just when you thought the rhetoric couldn’t get any loonier, along comes something so ridiculous that it’s almost laughable. A new politically-themed ad makes an appeal to female voters in a provocative way; and it’s all about ‘trust.’

It’s not about the kind of trust we generally ask of candidates (like fulfilling campaign promises). In this abortion propaganda piece by The Agenda Project Action Fund entitled ‘My Country, My Choice,’ we see a succession of naked females reciting the contents of a sign they are holding (thankfully covering them) and asking of politicians “If you don’t trust me with my body, why should I trust you with my country?” (view the ad on YouTube). The underlying message is simple: You need to support the abortion agenda if you want our vote. Of course they won’t come right out and say that, because that would be too revealing…

Now we know what is near and dear to the hearts of women in this important election cycle, and it isn’t jobs or fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, better schools, homeland security, the preservation of religious liberties or even government provided day care: It’s abortion (and undoubtedly contraception). After all, there’s nothing more important to the future of the our country. Just imagine the horrors otherwise!

While the ‘poignant images’ and stirring message may inspire believers I can see women in Middle America shaking their head at the sheer silliness of naked women making political threats. If nothing else this is material for comedic parody.

Opposing the intentional destruction of a viable human fetus (a.k.a. a preborn child) now suggests that we don’t trust women with their body. And when candidates express opposition to abortion it’s merely an expression of their blatant disdain toward women, and the ability to make ‘personal choices’ regarding their body. Either way there’s a lot of animosity and distrust going around these days, or so I hear.

I trust women with their body. My wife makes good decisions regarding her body. Other females I personally know seem to. But then again my wife has never expressed a desire to terminate her offspring, in which I would have to question. But then again it is her body we’re talking about… Right?

Wrong… The ‘body argument’ is specious because when a woman makes ‘decisions regarding her body’ in the context of abortion, that decision also affects the body of another person; the preborn person unfortunately in the wrong womb at the wrong time. Just because someone is carrying a child does not grant them the power of death over that person. It’s not a gray area. Not even charcoal.

This is a bunch of malarkey (to borrow a phrase from Mr. Biden) designed to incite women against a imaginary threat to their liberties. The only demographic that will buy into this are those (sadly) susceptible to this kind of manipulation. I doubt that it will recruit new legions of ‘Choice Warriors.’

And like the other ruses manufactured by the abortion lobby to dupe the public and manipulate women, it’s credibility is based on people not actually thinking about it. Do Republicans really resent women and the control they have over their body..? Are they really going to legalize rape and send women back to the dark ages (which for some is anytime prior to Roe v. Wade)..? This is the kind of hysterical nonsense that obstructs rational thought and detracts from the election process.

I have a feeling that women who do not consider pregnancy ‘an affliction’ or the child ‘an inconvenience’ are only going to remain quiet for so long while screechy protagonists yell fire with ‘wars on women’ and other drama in the quest for unrestricted and federally funded abortion—while masquerading as every-woman’s spokesperson. I’ll bet that what the majority of women really want is to bear and raise children in a society without (relentless) hostility directed at children in the womb; not whether abortion and contraception are plentiful or free.

Expect much more from abortion lobby, especially when huge sums of federal dollars are at stake. There will always be ‘rights’ issues and other silly claims to distract us from the harsh reality of abortion: 54 million preborn persons tragically lost as a result of ‘choice.’ No one HAS to have an abortion. Modern medical techniques CAN save both mother and child. The so-called ‘exceptions’ do not make it any less of an offense against human dignity when you put an innocent person to death for the crimes of another.

First we were told to ‘stay out of their womb’ and now we ‘just don’t trust women with their body.’ I can’t wait to see what stupidity comes next. There is a war underway and it’s against rationale and sensibility—and the human fetus. And if there really is a war on women it’s being waged by abortion zealots and militant feminists against women (and the general public) for power and control.

When it comes matters of trust, you have to know who you can trust. I personally do not trust anyone who believes that intentionally destruction a viable human fetus, or killing one’s offspring is an matter of ‘personal choice.’ It might help to remember that we were all helpless human fetuses—and persons—at one time.

At least we’re still here to talk about it.




2 Thoughts on “OCT 2012 – Why Won’t You Trust Me

  1. Paul A Seifer on September 22, 2012 at 10:14 am said:

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this is EXACTLY why I am in favor of using images of aborted fetuses when defending the Pro-Life position. They would undeniably unmask the false perceptions and myths, and expose the sheer insanity of this so-called ‘right’ by illustrating beyond a shadow of a doubt what exactly this ‘choice’ is and what the abortion lobby is fighting tooth and nail to protect and expand.

    Abortion zealots call these images ‘offensive’ and ‘inappropriate,’ yet this IS their legacy so what’s the problem? Or maybe it’s just plain ‘unfair’ that we should use the ‘truth card’ on them (shame on us!). These images are offensive to me as a rational human being, and it’s high time that more people become offended by the idea of legalized abortion – the single greatest threat to the dignity of the human person that the world has ever known, and the single greatest loss of innocent human life since time began.

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