From ‘Election Day Results for Kentucky, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Virginia’ on the National Right To Life website. To read the full article click HERE.

In what has been called “one of the biggest court shake-ups in recent history,” Pennsylvania voters elected Democrats for all three state Supreme Court positions, giving Democrats a majority on the court. 

This is significant for many reasons, one of which is redistricting. The party that controls the Supreme Court appoints the chair of the five-member redistricting commission, which is made up of the court-appointed chair, two Democrats and two Republicans.

“Extreme special interests poured millions of dollars into Pennsylvania judicial races, running dreadful TV ads which maligned candidates who would have brought integrity and honor to the bench,” said Maria Gallagher, legislative director for Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.

“What was perhaps most telling were the outrageous attacks against women candidates who believe in interpreting the law as written, rather than making laws from the bench,” Gallagher noted. “This was an unusual election cycle and a difficult year for the judiciary. Election 2016 in Pennsylvania will be a whole different ball game – and pro-lifers will be ready for it.”

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